Radical Enlightenment

This sacred space of a blog has been created to share from my soul.  Trust me, that is no small thing.  In fact, the experiences and truths I will be sharing with you are often deeply troubling to my own spirit, yet fascinating to my mind, and still overwhelming to my heart. From this raw, authentic place of seeing deeply into the Universe and into the heart of God, I will share.

Many years ago, I began the process of turning into Light. Dropping out this world and receiving another into my Being. I experience such bliss and awe of the Light that I have been unable to speak of it to most people in my life, except for the few who are going through the Ascension process themselves, and they have affirmed that they are right there with me.  Many of my clients receiving BodyTalk sessions are doing so to maintain balance through the dramatic shifts in consciousness they are having. Others, who are friends, meet with me for deep discussions and co-coaching for the purpose of piecing together this powerful process of becoming Enlightened.

If you are going through the enlightenment process and becoming One with God, One with All, One with the Light, then you will enjoy this blog.  I will be able to bring you to greater awareness and freedom within your Being.  If you aren’t, it will sound like, “BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH….” because I’m speaking another language.

Radical Enlightenment

My intention in the writing of this blog is to support the creation of a healthy movement towards Radical Enlightenment.  I am creating this term to mean: FULL ENGAGEMENT in the process of becoming One with God. 

These times we live in call for great awakening which requires deep healing for the soul.  I’ve gone deep within my soul, deep into things that did not fit into my paradigms as a traditional Christian.  One of my favorite paradigm shattering experiences was to have angels take me back to my past lives and teach me wisdom from them and how to heal them within myself so that this life will not be a bad repeat.  I had to deal with the realization that not everything is spelled out for us in the Bible! Since the teacher is standing right here, fully engaged with me, I can surrender to His LIVE teaching.  My hands on learning has been phenomenal and now dovetails nicely with the core truths I always knew of God.


At first, my awareness felt isolating. What I have come to realize though, is that I am not alone in being a conduit for the Creator, a servant of Spirit, an intuitive interpreter, a bridge for both worlds, a translator of truth, the hands for Heaven, an enlightened Empath…(I could go on, I really like words, but I think you get the point.)  There are hundreds of thousands of you out there standing as lights and shining beautifully.

Last Spring, I took this picture near the edge of the Clark Fork River in Missoula, Montana. This picture catches my attention of the symbolic nature of who I am as a bridge between the two worlds of spirit and matter.  I stand in between, receiving information, healing, Divine flow and connection. Sometimes I step back into the human side and act like an idiot. Ha!  I am so glad there is forgiveness and love for me always.

Me and Jesus

Yeshua, who we call “Jesus Christ” means “God is Salvation.” He is an Ascended man who stands fully in His Divinity. He self resurrected as a Pheonix-like feat of victory over death.  As a proxy for us, his life energies can be applied to us for healing and enlightenment.  Salvation and Enlightenment are one and the same movement towards the Light.  Yeshua held the space as a bridge and formed a way for all to follow His pattern as a Divine being in a human container.

The consciousness that Christ brought into this realm is ever expanding into my Being.  I have mediated for years on these concepts. I have attended 2 Bible Schools, was a missionary with a non-profit for 10 years, taught Sunday School, taught Bible classes, built churches in South America, directed Bible camps, and joined every church I could. And then one day, I walked into the Light. I stopped doing and started Being.  There was nothing wrong with what I was doing, in fact, it was quite successful.  I had graduated, as dear friend explained to me.  It had worked, so I  ventured onward from the programs with Christ as Guide.

The New Testament quote, “Christ in you, the hope of glory” is ringing in my ears as I write. The Shekinah glory, the Light of God, the Presence is made manifest in us through the consciousness of Christ.  He showed the way, the truth, the Life, He showed how to be One with the Light, and with the Father.  (Side note: He highly criticized religion and never intended on one being made in His name….just sayin’,)

I am a follower of the Divine Spirit or simply, “Spirit”.  You can call it the Holy Spirit, God, Christ Consciousness, Jesus, Angels, Ascended Master’s, or the Higher Self, but whatever we call it, it is the Divine Spirit speaking, teaching, and guiding me. It’s from the Source of Light, so sometimes I refer to it as “Source.”  When I say “The Universe” I am meaning the entire Living Creation and the system of Life that the Creator made. It is intelligent, but I don’t see it as the same as the Creator itself.  This is how I see it at this moment which can always expand and shift.  My radical enlightenment, my full engagement in the process of becoming One with God, will be ongoing.  My only promise is that I will be honest as I transform and learn. May you have that joy also!

And now, onward, friends! Let us go Into the Light,






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