The Place of Light

img_1197It all started when…

Almost two years ago, I sat down to do some internal work within myself concerning my business.  My favorite tool for this type of visualization and manifestation is called Mindscape.  It utilizes breathing, relaxing, and slowing down the brain in order to align within and activate all the subtle senses.  With those senses active, I can often see things very clearly.

In my mind, I immediately was shown a healing center in Hawaii where I was teaching people how to self heal and heal their families. I saw beautiful grounds, a retreat center, and saw myself doing BodyTalk sessions there. I had never planned on going to Hawaii at that time, so I thought that was interesting.  And then I proceeded to move into the next week of my life, not imagining that things would start changing from that point forward. 

The Healing House

Two days later, I met and quickly formed a business partnership with a local Occupational Therapist interested in the alternative approaches to Autism I was presenting at a class.  Within a few months, we had opened a healing center involving 3 businesses under one roof.  On the way to a planning meeting, my highly sensitive, deeply connected daughter with Asperger’s asked, “What is the name of the building?”  I told her we didn’t have a name and she quickly informed me that building was to be called,”The Healing House.” And so it was! Over the next year and a half, thousands of people moved through The Healing House to receive education, healing, therapy, and natural health products.  It was a massive success and still today is beautifully serving the community.

As my time at the Healing House came to a close, I began to receive clear and specific guidance in my spirit that the next step was to move to Hawaii and begin the next phase of what I had originally seen.  Meanwhile, my business would be run from home and while I  did distance sessions with clients.  Just as I was told, the next steps to Hawaii were lining up.

One of the features of Mindscape is a calendar tool.  When I would ask to see when the healing center would begin I kept seeing Oct. 2016.  I can promise you, that when it came to be early October and I had no prospects of a healing center, I was feeling defeated.  And then Spirit whispered… Spirit always will when we are finally ready to listen…..”Go take BreakThrough.”  What?!  BreakThrough is a personal growth workshop I never wanted to take.  I hadn’t really ever looked into it and because I knew I would make excuses if I did, I immediately looked online for the closest class and booked it before I could talk myself out of it.  The class was in 2 weeks in Laguna Beach, CA.  I booked my flight and decided to make it a total retreat for myself and to visit CA friends nearby while I was at it.

The Place of Light

Little did I know what Spirit was lining up!  As we began to introduce ourselves on Day 1, the lady next to me explained how she had recently felt the burning desire to purchase land and a building in Hawaii for a healing place where some unknown BodyTalk practitioner would come work at. In fact, the building and land known locally as “The Place of Light” would be purchased in the following weeks, right on time!  Then I introduced myself as a BodyTalk practitioner who just sold her home and was ready to leave for some unknown healing place in Hawaii!!  My new friend and I had just found the missing link to our visions. It was us!  A weight of unnecessary worry left me and I relaxed knowing, I am so crazy that I’m the sanest person I’ve ever met.  

We are not guided by Spirit so that we will fail or be seen as a fool.  We are guided so that we will build on spiritual foundations with spiritual seeds and the blessings of spiritual fruit that will come from it.  What I have learned is that this vision of a healing center is not mine. It is God’s vision that I get to be part of and thus, it will create itself.  It drew in a family from California willing to answer the call of Spirit. It drew in 3 other practitioners already and several others waiting in the wings to arrive right in time when they are needed. In reality, we are the Mindscape of God,  the manifestations of his inner desires.  We are the thoughts of God, and He is a master Creator. I am humbled and grateful that His hand is guiding me to the Place of Light.  I have no doubt that I am in for the adventure of a lifetime and that its only going to get more and more interesting.  I’ve noticed my sessions are getting more powerful and I can feel myself being prepared to do a great healing work for this world. It’s incredibly fascinating to watch, so you can follow me on this blog and Facebook to witness the unfolding of this vision.  I love the quote, “We may not know what the future holds, but we know who holds the future.” All is well and in Divine order.

Blessings of Light and Peace,











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