Risk Quotient


Risk Quotient (RQ): A term basically referring to your ability to take what you know and make educated decisions.  It is based on a person’s knowledge and confidence in decision making.

Spiritual Risk Quotient (SRQ): My term for the ability to take what you know, in combination with your spiritual guidance, and confidently move forward in the direction of your dreams.

Before I left for Hawaii on a 2 week exploratory trip in January, Spirit kept dropping this term into my mind: “Risk Quotient.” I’d hear it several times a day out of nowhere.  It was a perplexing, yet exciting time because I didn’t know what I was heading into during the 16 day trip.  All I knew was that I wanted to learn about the island, meet people, make business connections, find housing, and start working at my new office in Hilo, HI.  Pieces of the trip had come together, but only a few general ones like AirBnb rentals and a rental car set up.

“Risk Quotient.”  There it was again.  I could feel the Universe bringing awareness to this concept more and more.  What did I know for certain?  What did I project and expect would happen?  And what was I willing to take action on based on this knowledge and perceived knowledge?  That was my Risk Quotient.  With the amount of planning that I did, honestly, through normal lenses of evaluation, that trip wasn’t the best use of time, money, and energy. Probably not a great RQ score. However….that was through normal lenses.  Fortunately, for me, I’m not interested in normal evaluations or projections of what my Risk Quotient is.  Fortunately for me, I’m deeply interested in what my Spiritual Risk Quotient is.

Months before the trip I had begun to seek spiritual guidance about my trip.  During meditation I saw images of the trip happening.  While connecting with Spirit, I was assured that I would be guided to a unique living situation north of Waimea, HI.  Spirit told me that I couldn’t find this housing online.  I had already been guided to sign an agreement to work out of Hilo Natural Health Clinic (http://www.hilonaturalhealth.com/) and that would mean I needed a nanny to help me with my children.  I knew it would be provided because my SRQ is stunning. 🙂 During my meditation, I was shown I would undergo spiritual opposition through the trip, but that a certain powerful young woman would help protect me.  My guidance also told me to rent a house with three beds for the second week for some reason, though I only was traveling with one person that week.

Next, I received a BodyTalk session from the brilliant and beautiful Vanessa Wright, based out of CA. During the session, she helped my body and mind prepare for the transformation during and potential challenges of the trip.  She told me to ground my energy often and use a grounding blend of essential oils daily.  Another piece of information that came up was that I would need to follow my own intuition and go my own way, even separating from my travel companion from time to time.  All the spiritual guidance, and healing work, coupled with my general knowledge, plans, and my confidence in the goodness of the Universe created my Spiritual Risk Quotient.

Apparently it was a pretty dang good quotient because the trip came together in the end like pure magic!  Two hours after signing the agreement with Hilo Natural Health Clinic, I got a call from a woman 3 hours away who had been meditating that morning and seen she needed to quit her job, move to Tri-cities, and become a nanny.  Then she saw my face appear in front of her.  She was aware of who I was because she had received BodyTalk sessions from me previously, so she thought that perhaps she needed another session.  When she called, I told her that it wasn’t for a session that she saw my face, but that it was that I needed a nanny!  She moved in a few days before I flew out!  My SRQ told me to sign the agreement and THEN the nanny would appear, and that is how it worked.  I bow in gratitude to the gentle and sweet soul that this woman is.  She has been a gift and light to my children and home.  Risk never felt so good as it does right now.

When I originally read on RQ, it said confidence is a major player in having a good Risk Quotient.  If you are too confident or not confident enough, your overall RQ will suffer.  The confidence that I gained by going forward with my spiritual guidance as my strong suit was one of the gifts of the trip.   I trust myself and Spirit more than ever now.  Did everything go smoothly?  No, in fact, there were some pretty difficult moments.  But in those moments, I remembered what I knew, what I had been shown and I then took the next calculated risk. Each time, my SRQ kicked in, I advanced forward with exponential success!

What were some of the outcomes of the trip?  I learned valuable lessons about the culture, spiritual practices, and history of the Big Island of Hawaii from my amazing travel companion/tour guide who lived there previously.  At the end of week one of the trip, I separated from my travel companion in a sudden moment of inspiration that told me to do a travel companion swap! It was truly Reality TV-worthy! I had met two other travelers on the island who were several days into their trip and not getting along well, so I suggested that we swap companions and I spend several days with a lady I didn’t know barely anything about.  We sent the other two off to explore the Waipio Valley while we did some relaxing and self care in the town of Honoka’a on the north side of the island.

During a pedicure at Aloha Girls Nails the next day, the owner of the salon listened to my stories of looking for housing on the island and of my healing work.  She suddenly remembered her friend who was looking for someone just like me to rent their apartment attached to her home.  Before I knew it, a dialed phone was put up to my ear and I was talking to the sweetest voice I ever heard in Hawaii.  This woman was not advertising her rental to the public so I would have had to meet a friend who knew about it.  The next day, I went and toured the apartment which is perfect for my transition months to the island. She only asked that I leave a $50 deposit down and I could take as long as I needed before arriving. She and another woman there are both healers and trained in spirituality over many years.  They are beautiful souls. It was truly a unique living situation just north of Waimea….

When the two men returned from the jungle, the new travel companion had decided to continue on with us into the second week.  Thus, the need for the third bed presented itself.  Thanks for the heads up Spirit!  I was so glad this friendly traveler could join us seeing as he had great knowledge and experience on the island to share with me as well.

As I had been warned, during the entire trip, the need for spiritual protection was a theme.  I did have to ground and apply essential oils daily for grounding.  Also, the day I arrived, I had met a gifted healer in Kailua-Kona, HI whom I had heard about.  Her name is Jessica Lazor, a transpersonal guide and healer who can be found at http://www.spiritharmonies.com.   I also met with her the day I left.  Later, when reading back in my journal, I was reminded how Spirit had promised me that this woman would wrap me up in her aura of protection during the trip.  She taught me several practical energy balancing and protection practices over the phone since that time and has been a valuable part of my growth.   Wow.

Like I said, risk never felt so good as it does right now.  The rewards keep pouring forth.  I hope my stories and sharing inspire you to amp up your SQR.  Please share your recent risks and successes below in the Comments.

Many Blessings,








3 Comments on “Risk Quotient

  1. So wonderful to have met you! You have already helped me tremendously and I’m grateful the exchange feels so beneficial for both of us.


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