Rainbows over Waimea

One of my children’s favorite songs is called “Rainbows over Waimea.”  It’s about the beauty of a town on the northern side of the Big Island of Hawaii.  Waimea is a town about 20 minutes from where I am living in Honoka’a, HI. Since I have arrived here almost two months ago, I have witnessed at least 10 rainbows over Waimea. This is one way Spirit speaks to me: through songs, serendipitous moments, subtle guidance, gentle nudges, etc.  I know I’m in the right place.

Not only have I seen the handful of physical rainbows, I have met a handful of people who are just as beautiful and magical.  They are my true “Rainbows over Waimea.”

A few days after arriving, an elderly Hawaiian woman came to my door with a small welcome gift. She explained she is ready to pass her spiritual knowledge on to someone before she is too old to do it and that she would be back in 30 min. for my first lesson! She returned to lead me and my roommate out to a small field behind our apartment.  From here, our lesson on the Aloha began.

“Aloha” is referring to the “ha,” the breath of life.  She had us breathe and connect with the breath.  Then she shared her most prized life lessons and blessed us with her beautiful teaching.  She taught us to walk softly and listen to the land and the plants. She taught me to learn to calm my inner winds and reaffirmed that my Hawaiian name is truly Kamakani, the wind, just as I was fondly named earlier this year by my friend on the mainland. I must learn to calm my winds from a storm down to a gentle breeze. She also taught us to call on the Light every day. She is surely a rainbow.

A week later, I was sitting outside a coffee shop in Waimea doing some writing and a sweet elderly man walked by. I noticed the light in his eyes, so when he came back a few minutes later, I struck up a conversation.  “Bob” pulled up a chair and talked with us for a while. That led to two separate days of wonderful learning from a spry 96 year old!  He shared his life wisdom with me and I will cherish it.  One lesson from him was to take out all the “maybes” in life and just stick to your yes or your no.  Cut out all the middle ground and either do things all the way or don’t do it and stop doing things you don’t really want to do.  His second secret to a good long life is to always be optimistic! He was the sharpest and healthiest man of that age I have ever seen, still driving around and living on his own. What a rainbow he is!

There are many others here who have appeared and shared their light with me, but this last one I will mention still has me in awe.  The day I met him, it was pouring rain.  I had been spending quite a bit of time with a friend who is interested in investing time and resources into a local goat dairy and in creating an ecovillage here in Hawaii.  At the same time, I had given a local lady a BodyTalk session and afterwards she explained that she and her husband were also interested in it, so we should talk more.  When we went to their house, we had no idea what was going to ensue.  These two turned out to be a double rainbow couple!  The husband is involved with native peoples and government agencies to bring solutions and peace to our world’s most difficult problems.  His name is M. Kalani Souza, a powerful advocate for restoring relationships, community, environmental sustainability, and sanity to the world. We sat under his teaching, under his “ha,” (breath), under his beautiful light, for an hour feeling we had just been gifted the grandest gift imaginable.  It was very fitting that it was my friend’s birthday that day too.  The wife took us on a tour of their property, a model for sustainable living and community life.  Two years ago I had begun seeing visions of what Kalani spoke of, and I hope to be part of bringing these things to fruition with the work that I do also.

My heart is full.  The rain of blessings is pouring down on me, and the rainbows keep showing up.  They are signs and reminders that I’m on the right path, and that I am loved deeply by God, the Source of my life.

May you also see rainbows today and be blessed.



2 Comments on “Rainbows over Waimea

  1. Without the wind. Rainbows might not come. Source gave you the wind energy, so you can use it for the winds of change. You bless many with your breeze, May your wind be a change that refreshes all that seek the winds of change.


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