How would it feel to have balance and wellness in all areas of  your life?  What would that look like to have full communication within all systems of your body and mind?  Let’s explore your infinite possibilities and fullest potential together through a BodyTalk session!  All sessions are done using the BodyTalk system structure and techniques as well as several other healing modalities I incorporate, such as Aromatherapy, Velthiem Lymphatic Drainage, BioIndividual Nutrition consulting, Visceral Dynamics, Mindscape, etc.  I focus on listening to your higher self and your body to reestablish health and communication within the body, mind, and spirit.

At the beginning of your session, you will share your personal intentions for the session and then lay down on a massage table or in your home to receive the session.  Whether it is over the phone, on a recording, or in person, you will simply relax, breathe, and follow the simple guidance I explain.  Once the session is complete, any guidance, follow up, or health homework with be given.  You will feel the session processing over the coming days and shifting all areas of life back into alignment and health.  If further sessions are needed, be sure to check out my session packages for the best session prices.

1 Hour Personal BodyTalk Session: $125.00

This is the best way for you to begin your journey to wellness!  Having a personalized session can bring healing and help determine the direction to go next with any health or life challenge.


30 minute Children’s Session: $65.00

For children, I offer shorter sessions for a reduced cost and I either do the session in person or over the phone while the parent is on the line and the child rests or plays nearby.  Children shift quickly and have seemingly miraculous shifts after sessions because they are so sensitive to energy healing.  I originally got into BodyTalk because of the fabulous results I had with my daughters’ severe mental, emotional, and physical health ailments that doctor’s had to solutions for. I recommend all parents also read my book called Becoming Real: Our Journey Through Autism (see the Book page of this site) if they are dealing with any of the childhood disorders of today. (Anything from sensory procession disorder, Autism, ADD/ADHD, Bi-Polar Disorder, etc.)

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